In-depth interview on health & quality of life of slum residents

The aim of this project is to investigate the health and housing condition of slum residents, focusing on the urban slum located in Jongno-gu, the center of Seoul.

Slum residents are facing at a growing level of deprivation of quality of life now than ever. Due to the phenomenal heat wave struck on summer 2018, many slum residents have threatened their life because of poor housing conditions and mobility problems since majority of them are elderly with several underlying medical conditions.

In order to urge relevant to facilitate proper medical care and monetary funding, the interview was conducted upon long-term residents who has frequently visited a regional free health clinic. Taken from several hours to hear their life story and current concerns, more intimate relationship building and profound understanding of their needs and challenges were possible.

The research was fully funded by a non-profit organization (Doctors’ Action for Health,

** Participated as an interviewer and conducted an extensive interview of slum residents, and subsequently archived their lifelong stories as a formal document.

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