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Funded by Asia Young Activist Researcher Fellowship (AYARF), the research focuses on detecting emotional responses of women residing in urban spaces by implementing a web-based participatory GIS tool.

The goal of this project is to quantify and visualize the emotional responses of women by sharing their experiences with each other on this website, which allows people to participate without privacy concerns.

This academic project was initiated in collaboration with Jirka Panek, an expert in participatory GIS and a professor at Palacký University in the Czech Republic.

AYARF (Asia Young Activist Researcher Fellowship)

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Funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Seoul Institute and the Seoul Youth Hub, AYARF (Asia Young Activist Researcher Fellowship) provides a platform for experimental and radical research from individual researchers and activists around Asia, focusing on common agendas in Asian cities: climate crisis, pandemic, and technological revolution.

Based on her eligibility for analyzing quantitative data, such as processing big data, and GIS spatial analysis, and statistical analysis, Dawon has been selected as a fellow in the field of “Digital Technology and Voice” in spring 2020, and currently serving as a mentor for the second cohorts.

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