My research interests center around the human behavior
generated through the interaction of land use and transportation,
including floating population and mobility dynamics in metropolitan areas.

Moving forward, I would like to delve into related research areas,
including public transit accessibility in urban neighborhoods
and the impact of mixed land use on travel patterns.

Dawon is a researcher in city and regional planning with a passion for inclusive, sustainable urban development planning. Her prior research explored the association between individual and local-level factors related to women’s employment disparity and COVID-19, and how the pandemic crisis has influenced the changes in the use of urban parks and travel behavior in Seoul. More>

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering & Urban Studies (Cum Laude) at Chung Ang University and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning at Seoul National University. More >

Her specialty is in quantitative data analysis, such as processing “Big Data” using R or python, GIS spatial analytics, econometrics, statistical analysis, and machine learning in order to solve diverse issues.

Furthermore, she also wants to continue developing balanced perspectives for theoretical, data-based approaches to urban issues.

As a firm believer in the power of communication, Dawon occasionally writes about current urban planning issues in Seoul in her blog and manages her website, as a personal passion, to understand the emotional responses of women residing in urban spaces by implementing a web-based participatory GIS tool. More >