The Effect of COVID-19 and Fine Dust on the Use of Urban Park

Urban parks are public spaces that are freely used and people of various socioeconomic levels mingle in thems. Therefore, they play a role as a physical basis for the spatial inclusion of cities.

However, the COVID-19 crisis and aggravated air pollution have brought about a major change in the user behavior of urban parks.

In recent years, as air pollution in an urban area has become more serious, outdoor leisure activities tended to be replaced by indoor activities. Then, as the recent COVID-19 outbreak is prolonged, the demand for urban parks is increasing and the importance of public parks is drawing attention again due to residents who want to escape from confined indoor spaces.

In order for public parks to function properly as a refuge and leisure space for urban residents in health risk situations such as COVID-19 and air pollution, it is necessary to accurately analyze the total volume and patterns of park visitors.

This study aims to analyze how COVID-19 and the escalating air pollution is bringing about changes in the use of urban parks through big data analysis on the spatio-temporal patterns of visitors.

** In charge of processing of data and the subsequent quantitative analysis.

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